The advantages and perspectives for our students

By its profile and content, the Faculty of Tourism Geography ensure an alternative, complementary and competitive education to the state higher education, being the firstaccredited faculty with this specialization by the Law No. 238/2002, creating for itself a trustworthy place in the higher education system.

The permanent improvement of the material and informing conditions offered to the students and the teaching staff, through the creation and updating of the treatises, students’ books, textbooks, workbooks, the supply of the laboratories and departments with modern equipment to assist the teaching process (computers, audio-video tools), the ongoing supplying of the library with all the fundamental specialty works, are the necessary premises of the educational process.

The Faculty of Tourism Geography and the Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management Sibiu,on Simion Mehedinti Street nr.5-7 offer the future graduates the opportunity to choose a specific activity they wish to perform in the future. A special option for the graduates is the internaland international tourism, the syllabus and the curriculum representing the assurance of a profound training for this purpose.

Irrespective of the place where they will work, our future graduates will have a thorough knowledge in the field of geographic and economics sciences as well as the complementary ones. These are included in a logical succession into the structure and content of the modern annual curriculum. They are aligned to the higher education system in our country, to the basic orientations of the Bologna and Lisbon Convention.

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