International relations

Relations, partnerships and international awards

Our faculty established partnership relations with numerous universities and faculties from abroadmaterialized in:

  • Cultural-scientific partnership agreement with Trieste University that allowed the organization of 11 scientific sessions so far;

  • Cultural-scientific partnership agreement with the University of Liverpool with mutual scientific manifestations;

  • Organization of Conferences and Scientific Sessions with universities from France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, U.S.A, Canada, where numerous professionals and the teaching staff give lectures, scientific papers and exchange of opinions on different specialty or educational subjects;

  • Lectures given in front of the students by several specialists from Great Britain, France, Italy and Canada;

  • The international acknowledgment of the Bachelor’s Diploma obtained by the students from the Faculty of Tourism Geography Sibiu

  • Scientific cooperation agreement with the University from La Rochelle France in order to organize scientific sessions on specialty problems and master’s programme

  • The international acknowledgment of the faculty teaching staff’s value. In this respect we mention the awards :” The American Order of Excellence”, “ The Golden Star – The Universal Award of Achievement” (2000); The Diploma and golden medal “Noble Prize” conferred by the Cultural Convention of the U.S.A to the Dean Ion Velcea, Professor Ph.D, founding Dean of the Faculty of Tourism Geography Sibiu, Prorector of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University.

The Faculties of Tourism Geography and The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management represent components of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University that received the “High Trust Degree” Certificate. The Faculty of the Geography of Tourism – the first private faculty founded in Sibiu in 1990 – was accredited by law in 2002 and reevaluated on the 17th of February 2011. The Faculty of Tourism Geography is a “source of pride for all geographers”, as Professor PhD, George White, the Head of the Geography Department of South Dakota State University, U.S.A, stated in 2010. He also asserted: “We wish to thank you for the hosting of the second Romanian-American Session. We were particularly thrilled to present our research papers and to find out details on the research activities of your faculty. You have an institution of high value with members that are engaged in important research activities. This conference has represented an important step in the building of the future partnership relations between the programmes of the two faculties of geography. Moreover as a representative of our faculty I would like to thank you personally for all your efforts. You have established a very high standard for the geography that is not only praiseworthy but also very important for the success of the geography field. I only wish I have the success you had.”

The integration process of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University in the international of the international services network is emphasized by the participation as a founding member in E.U.R.A.S. (Eurasian Universities Union), that contains 40 universities from Europe, Asia, and Middle East and E.M.U.N.I. (Euro-Mediterranean University), that gathers together 142 universities from 37 countries.

ERASMUS Programme

“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University from Bucharest is from May 2006 a signing member of “Erasmus Carta”. The major objective of ERASMUS Action is the promoting of the European dimension in the higher education system. Students, teachers and administrative staff ’ exchange programme, became active starting with the academic year 2007-2008, at the same time with the activation of the new generations of communitarian programmes : “ Lifelong Learning” of the European Council and Parliament. Through this programme, The European Comission offers the students, teachers and the administrative staff, grants destined to partially cover the costs caused by the mobility to a copartner university. Erasmus Programme represents an attractive element to promote the educational offer of our university among school pupils and high school students, candidates for the admission to a higher education.

For the academic year 2013-2014, the students and master students of the regional centres of U.C.D.C (including the Faculty of Tourism Geography from Sibiu), can apply for an Erasmus scholarship .The application files are registered until 15.04.2013, at the U.C.D.C. Communitarian Programme Office from Bucharest. Detailed information on the selection process can be found accessing the link:

For further information please contact Mirabela David at the e-mail:, phone: 021.330.79.00 (int.173)

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