Professor Ph.D. Ion Velcea

Ion Velcea is a graduate from the Faculty of Geology-Geography of Bucharest University, in 1952. He completed his doctoral studies at Cluj University in 1962, with the thesis “Tara Oasului-complex geographic study”, having Professor Ph.D Docent, Tiberiu Morariu, a member of the Romanian Academy, as a thesis advisor and coordinator. At present Professor Velcea is a founding Dean of the Faculty of Tourism Geography Sibiu, a Professor at the Faculty of Geography Bucharest and a Prorector of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University, Bucharest.

In his long teaching and scientific career, Ion Velcea published over 160 works and articles and 33 of them are students’ books, treatises, or synthesis works, published at the Romanian Academy Publishing House. Among them we emphasize: “The Geography Treatise of Romania”, Vol. II, III and IV, “The Geography of Romanian Danube Valley”, “The Geographic Encyclopedia of Romania” “Getic Piedmont”, “Dobrogea Plateau”, “Rural space- functionalities and development strategies” and others.

Professor Ion Velcea, Ph.D, is as well the author and the coordinator of several geographic Atlases and thematic maps- “The Geographic Atlas of Romania” (1979), “The Atlas of the Danubian Countries” (Vienna, 1989), “The Economic Map of Romania” (6 editions), “The map of land-use in Europe” (Budapest 1978), “The map of world agriculture”, “The map of natural resources”, “The Geographic Atlas of Sibiu county” etc.

Ion Velcea is a member in the Committee and International Geographic Union of Rural System Change, a member of the Geographic Science Society from Romania (vice-president between1968-1991), a founder and director of Geo-Carpathica Journal.

In his complex activity, developed for over 6 decades, Ion Velcea received numerous awards and distinctions: The Honor Medal of Verona University (1974), Gheorghe Munteanu Murgoci Romanian Academy Award (1987), The American Order of Excellence (7 January 2000), the 1000 World Influence Leaders’ Diploma (2000), The Golden Star Achievements Award, U.S.A. (2000), The Diploma and Silver Medal of Trieste University (Italy), Certified Senator of the World Nations Congress (November 2003), The Golden Medal handed by the Transylvania Association, founded in Sibiu, in 1861, The Diplomas of Excellence of the Universities from Bucharest, Timisoara, Craiova and the Romanian Society of Geography.

Besides all these outstanding and honorable proofs that support the national and international fame of Professor Ph.D Ion Velcea, the “Nobel Prize of the United Cultural Convention” from U.S.A. 2001, adds up, together with the appreciations of the Universities from Lyon, Bordeaux, Rochelle, Ottawa, San Diego, Tokyo, and Liverpool.

The Faculty welcomes international visits all year round, visits that promote best the former Cultural Capital of Europe, Sibiu. In 2012, a delegation of the American Geographers Association was pleasantly surprised by the Faculty of Tourism Geography from Sibiu. There were two professors from the U.S.A. and two from Canada. They acknowledged the way the faculty is equipped and congratulated the manager: “Your Institution is a source of pride for all the geographers”.” I praise you sincerely for what you have created. You mentioned you are in search of books and scientific materials. I will send you a copy of the text book “The Regional Geography of the World” and a map of South Dakota. I am looking forward to further communicating and interacting with you”, wrote in a letter George White, one of the members of the American delegation, after his visit to Sibiu.

The Senate of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University decided in unanimity to confer the award “Dimitrie Cantemir” and the Golden Medal to Professor Ph.D Ion Velcea. Transylvania Association for the Romanian Literature and the Culture of the Romanian People (founded in Sibiu, in 1861), conferred Professor Ion Velcea Ph.D, the Golden Medal, on the occasion of the 150 years’ celebration since its foundation. Ion Velcea, a Professor of the Faculty of Tourism Geography from Sibiu, a component of the University, is also the founder of the faculty and a founding member of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Culture Association.

Professor Velcea, author of numerous works and specialty articles, stood out through professionalism and elegance, that attracted him to a specialization like the geography of tourism, the proof being the numerous graduates of Sibiu faculty and also the master’s and doctoral students that chose a study programme in the same field. The performance accomplished over the years represents the incontestable proof of the managerial attribute of the Prorector.

Professor PhD Valeria Amelia Velcea (1929-2008), a founding member of the Faculty of Tourism Geography from Sibiu and of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University from Bucharest.

Studies: The Italian School; The Girls’ Commercial High school, Ploiesti (1940-1948), The Faculty of History and Geography (1948-1949); The Faculty of Geology-Geography (1949-1952).

Doctoral studies: PhD in geographic science at Cluj-Napoca University (1960), the title of the thesis: “The Massif of Bucegi. Geomorphologic Study”, published by the Romanian Academy Publishing House (1961).

Awards and distinctions: Professor Title, conferred by the Ministry of Education (15 June 1985); Gheorghe Murgoci Award conferred by the Romanian Academy for the Romanian Encyclopedia: “Attestato di Benemerenza” and the Silver Medal, by the University of Trieste- Italy; The Honour Medal of the University of Verona, 1974.

Diplomas of excellence and medals awarded by: The Faculty of Geography of Bucharest University, The West University from Timisoara, The Geography Institute of the Romanian Academy, The University of Craiova- History, Philosophy and Geography Faculty, The Geography Society of Romania, “Valahia” University from Targoviste- The Faculty of Humanist Sciences, C.D. Press Publishing House-Bucharest.

Honour Diplomas awarded by: The Geographic Science Society for the 100 years of activity celebration (1875-1975), The Society of Geography from Romania (2000), “Babes-Bolyai” University from Cluj-Napoca, The Faculty of Geography (2002), “Al.I Cuza” University from Iasi, The Faculty of Geography and Geology (2002), The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management from Timisoara (2002).

Teaching degrees: junior teaching assistant (1952-1955); teaching assistant (1955-1957); assistant professor (1957-1963), associate professor (1963-1969), professor (1969-1994); consultant professor (1994-2008); professor PhD at “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University, The Faculty of Tourism Geography from Sibiu ( 1990 – 2008).

Languages: Italian and French

Work Places: The University of Bucharest 1952-1994; “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University, The Faculty of Tourism Geography Sibiu (1990-2008).

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